Liminal Advisors

Liminal spaces are the thin places on the threshold of change. The place between business as usual and unknown new beginnings. To tackle the problems of our day and to maximize the opportunities available, leaders must do the inward work to make the outward impact -- to make the courageous choice to enter into the liminal space. 

Brian takes a creative and collaborative approach with leaders and leadership teams attempting to grow -- encouraging them into this space where transformation begins. 

Some of the key questions for prospective clients:
What keeps you up at night? This is the critical question that can oftentimes be catalytic for your venture. 

Is it because you've hit a ceiling with your business? You're struggling to find new ideas for a changing environment? Did the world change for you with Covid, and your team hasn't adjusted? Want to grow, but struggling with what next steps to take? 

Brian pulls from two decades of experience working with seasoned entrepreneurs, and starting and growing his own businesses to figure out a game plan for your success.

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